Looking for new guitar-wielding, finger-picking, piano key-stroking, heartstring-tugging, bittersweet musical heroes? Look no further than Yorkshire duo Andrew Barton and Allan Watkiss, AKA The Interval. Mining a deep vein of genuine melancholy and dark humour, you’ll find it impossible to walk away from The Interval’s songs without having raised a wry smile…and shed a hot tear or two.

As The Interval’s singer-songwriter Andrew Barton notes in Strange, already a well-established part of the duo’s repertoire, and a song which absolutely revels in the weirdness and contradictions of life, “You wanna laugh, you wanna cry”.

It’s in their musical company that you’re guaranteed to do both – thanks to their timeless, moving and deep-down personal lyricism which is clearly sourced from lives well-lived.

In one of The Interval’s newest songs, All You Are, they sing of “life’s last melody”. But rather than dying notes fading into the darkness, the duo reveals light, delicate and finely-wrought guitar work from Barton accompanied by beautiful chiming piano and gorgeous backing harmonies from Watkiss – along with sweet-yet-sour lyrical loveliness aplenty.

And that’s not to mention walk-on parts by the Devil, Jesus, a deadly succubus and even the ghost of Hank Williams…

The Interval have tales to tell…and they tell ‘em well. (Martin Coldrick – Journalist).

Heartsick Fall
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams)
All You Are

We’ve Each Other
One More Day
Keep on Living

‘We live in The Interval between silence one and two’

‘Every smile and every deed is sweetness carried off at speed’

‘The devil chews on charcoaled flesh, whips living-dead with barbed-wire mesh’


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